Our global health mission is to revolutionize
the preventative care environment around the world,
and to help keep members with chronic illness out of the emergency room.

Community Support

Southern-style support helps members deal with their diagnosis in a loving and caring digital environment.

Global Health & Wellness

Our natural-first philosophy spans across every unique individual and through all cultures.

Data & Technology

Our technology allows for scalable aid to all members, no matter their physical location. Safely and comfortably from their home.

Many chronic illness sufferers are looking for empowerment and support with natural wellness solutions. A shift has moved many to look at their lifestyle in an effort to improve their diseases with minimized medical costs and intervention. Through prevention and healthy lifestyle changes, also known as Lifestyle Medicine, many find all-natural solutions are increasingly important to improve their daily well-being. Vynleads has responded to the overwhelming need for individualized wellness technology to help with streamlined support for these individuals.

  • The approach of Vynleads Inc. is in embracing current information technology capabilities to support the needs of members based on their health and habits. With a strategy set on patient-centric care and natural solutions, Vynleads Inc. pushes for cutting-edge solutions. Vynleads Inc. helps create impact with individualized strategies that make up their underlying programs.

Done With Diabetes™ (DWD) is the first application of Vynleads’ systems. DWD is a  program that focuses on prediabetes and type-2 diabetes, utilizing all of Vynleads Inc. tools for a comprehensive approach to overall member wellness.

Lifestyle Blueprint™ is one of the tools developed by Vynleads to help patients pinpoint an individualized plan of action based on key characteristics of their health, habits and lifestyle.

Vynleads is looking ahead towards other opportunities to help all of those suffering from chronic illness. Through research and medical industry technology, Vynleads Inc. continually looks for the appropriate support and indicator responses to dietary-impacted diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, ADHD, obesity, addiction and more.

Researched and Mindfulness Solutions

Every individual and disease needs solutions that are thought through with high level technology and research. Vynleads Inc. has focused on natural solutions to help with dietary-impacted diseases. These lifestyle solutions go beyond the traditional, one-size-fits-all health model that tends to ignore the unique conditions, perspective and medical challenges of the patient. Vynleads Inc. has worked on solutions that include:

Lifestyle Blueprint™

is the response Vynleads Inc. has come up with to help patients looking for empowering and individualized solutions to their disease. Technology with the Lifestyle Blueprint™ allows members to discover a unique and holistic wellness approach based on a combination of member information and general medical research.

Done With Diabetes™ (DWD)

is one of the initial case study programs used to implement Lifestyle Blueprint™ in helping patients manage their Type 2 Diabetes. Educating members on misconceptions, risk factors, disease developments and lifestyle strategies, the DWD program works to empower patients with knowledge. Armed with an in depth understanding, a DWD protocol is provided to guide members with lifestyle adjustments, dietary plans, supplements and movement goals for a long-term healthy change.

Natural Focus

The goal of Vynleads Inc. is to utilize natural habits and choices to mitigate the bodily response to disease. With dietary-rooted diseases, lifestyle choices dramatically impact the results patients are able to see. Rather than approach those needs with a generic diet and nutrition plan, members can get individualized support through Lifestyle Blueprint™.

This business model has been based on research that shows the impact of diet, nutrition, exercise and more. With a focus on natural solutions, Vynleads Inc. has found patients are able to attain efficient, long term results. Since different people have different health concerns, lifestyle tendencies and health details, lifestyle plans can vary widely. The personalized approach to health takes into account the wide variety of differences that patients face. This all-natural approach to healthcare and wellness can be used to support medical treatment plans or even replace certain medical strategies.

Backed by Experts

Members interested in using the Lifestyle Blueprint™ or participating in the Done With Diabetes™ are encouraged to consult with their doctor first. The immediate healthcare professionals involved should always be included when making a lifestyle change while dealing with disease. However, patients and healthcare providers can rest assured the Lifestyle Blueprint™ and DWD program is also backed by research, technology and experts in their respective fields of study.

Dr. Erica Song, M.D.

Dr. Erica Song serves as our Lead Medical Advisor, supervising the DWD Protocol for ongoing medical quality control. Dr. Song is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a functional medicine and integrative physician and holistic health coach. After graduating from medical school at New York University with honors, she got certified as a nutritional holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She joined Vynleads Inc. in March of 2018 to provide oversight to the program and guidance for future Vynleads Inc. programs.

Vynleads' DWD Program Testimonials

The DWD™ Protocol was made to educate and
empower everyday people to prevent and manage their type 2 diabetes through lifestyle medicine. Below is a tiny
sampling of our real customer feedback and their
personal success stories in pursuit of that mission.

IT WORKED!!! I went on the 600 calories a day diet and took the
supplement. It was all I needed! I’ve stopped taking my diabetes medication, Glimepiride, and my blood sugar levels are staying pretty much in a level well under 100. I feel GREAT! THANK YOU!!!

I started DWD on 10/20/17 and it worked! A1c around 8 when I started and now at 5.5 and wanted you to know you were easy to deal with at all times.


In July my blood sugar was 129 and in August was 105. (I tried) the diet and supplements and after November 2nd my blood sugar was 97 and A1C was 5.7. My doctor cannot believe it and I have told all my friends about it. My CrossFit instructor has designed a workout for type 2 diabetics and has two new clients who I have told about DWD.


Glucose average in 2 weeks totally normal (now). Energy good. However, restricted caloric intake doesn’t let the body do what the mind thinks it’s ready to do. Looking forward to cutting back metformin.


I feel alive and my feet don’t feel as numb and tingly as before. Something says it’s doing fine and I’m grateful for this! I’m still on my diabetes meds (and) the nurse practitioner is very skeptical of this new diet, but I’ll take it a while longer as improvements continue. Thanks DWD.


Convenient Tools for Improved Success

  • Results Focused for Real MembersMembers have better results when they are provided with tools they can easily access and a community supporting their lifestyle changes. Rather than force an appointment for a face-to-face consultation, digital access allows patients to fit education and consultation into their schedule when it fits best. We have found that the cutting-edge technology of our platforms lead to increased success by lessening the cost and inconvenience of traditional lifestyle consultations. The gamification aspect of healthcare tools can make the learning process less daunting and more fun for patients, increasing success rates. Included community support helps patients stick to their targets and reach goals with higher success rates as well.
  • Strong Learning Foundation“Our members are among the most empowered in the world because they start by learning everything about their disease, from the ground-up. ” notes Alex Mannine, CEO of Vynleads Inc. Members using the Vynleads Inc. tools and programs are equipped for success. Interactive digital platforms for healthcare offer a new perspective on fast and cost-effective quality healthcare.
  • Powerful Technology & ResourcesVynleads Inc. is all about supporting patients in an effort to improve their health. We technology offers an unbiased look into lifestyle cause-and-effect, providing members with error-free blueprints for improved health changes. With innovative technology, natural healthcare solutions can be better tailored to help the individuals we serve. Members are guided towards better health with access to easy-to-use digital tools and a plan for action. This gives patients a mobile tool they can use to learn more about how their lifestyle can support their health as much as possible.

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