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Our mission:

Our global health mission is to revolutionize
the preventative care environment around the world,
and to help keep members with chronic illness out of the emergency room.
-Thrive Naturally-

The purpose of Vynleads, Inc. is to provide life-improving health and wellness information and products to customers who have specific chronic diseases. We are a health data company that leverages online properties for the dual purpose of providing a convenient experience for our customers and offering our brand a larger reach. The technology, data, and structure behind each of our brands focuses on the pain points for individuals who are struggling with specific health issues. Our goal is to help these individuals maintain optimal health with a combination of resources, support, guidance, and products.

Social Purpose & Long Term Values

Vynleads' market strategy and technology grants an edge in the marketplace by digitally stepping into the patient's home and providing support. Our products and services are designed to aid members in a way that compliments their traditional medical therapies, but without the regulatory red tape involved for products directly within the medical care industry. Vynleads products are designed to provide education, resources, and support that coincides with proven and current nutritional and wellness information. These products include guides, games, resources, dietary recommendations, and our unique Lifestyle Blueprints. The overall goal is to help people with these specific health needs understand the best lifestyle choices for their body and support them as they make necessary choices for wellness.

As a reference for investors, some major brand names that are recognizable in our market include Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers. Vynleads, Inc is unique in this space because we develop offerings which are designed for a target market with specific chronic health issues. This allows our messaging and product development a personalization not available in systems designed generically for overall health.

Products & Services

DWD "Done With Diabetes"

DWD is Vynleads' flagship offering. It stands for a feeling, a purpose created by our members who are frustrated with managing their type-2 diabetes on a daily basis. It is a full range system designed to support and provide a foundation for members with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Symptoms can occur at any age, though they are more prominently seen in older and middle-aged adults. In some instances, people in this market may be prescribed oral medication or insulin to manage their blood glucose levels. Our products are specifically designed to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to aid members with their type-2 diabetes diagnosis. This is in accordance with current information released by the American Diabetes Foundation indicating that blood glucose levels can be controlled or improved through diet and activity for those with type 2 diabetes.
DWD consists of a digital platform, science-based education, and a gamified Lifestyle Blueprint to help patients with these conditions adjust their lifestyle, diet, and activities to reach more optimal health levels and a greater quality of life. since.

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