The Vynleads team supports
HealthCorps and shares DWD with top NYC influencers

The Healthcorps Annual Gala is a highly anticipated event that brings together professionals and celebrities in the name of promoting awareness for important health and nutrition topics and concerns.

Vynleads CEO and Director attended Healthcorps 12th annual Gala in 2018 and donated $10,000 toward the cause of educating children on the importance of proper diet and good nutrition. Dr. Mehmet Oz, (Dr. Oz) is the founder of HealthCorps and made a particularly auspicious showing.

We enjoyed rubbing elbows with the popular TV doctor who’s broadcasting career has helped to popularize health and wellness and has delivered enormous amounts of valuable information to people all over the world on how to stay fit and be more healthy.

Michelle Bouchard, the president of HealthCorps thanked Alex and Vynleads for their generous donation to their cause. She writes, “Thanks to support like yours, our Living Labs and HealthCore University Programs have impacted over a million youth across 19 states and the District of Columbia in communities where the need is greatest.”

HealthCorps offers two programs; Living Labs and HealthCore University. These programs are dedicated to bringing new and invaluable wellness, disease prevention, and nutrition advice to high school students in nearly twenty states along the east coast and the southern United States. HealthCorps University brings professional development training to adults using data developed in the Living Labs program.

The 2018 HealthCorps Gala was a wonderful opportunity for professionals, activists, influencers, and the public to make valuable connections, and share much needed new science on health, wellness, and prevention.