Dr. Erica Song, M.D. joins Vynleads' Medical Advisory team

Vynleads, Inc. who developed the successful guided lifestyle change for Type Two Diabetes and Prediabetes, known as the DWD Protocol, are proud to announce the arrival of their newest team member, Dr. Erica Song, M.D. Dr. Song is a Board-Certified practitioner with more than three decades of experience in medicine.

Like many people, Dr. Song had family members who were suffering from diseases that mainstream clinical medicine did not seem to have an answer for. This inspired her to embark on a journey of discovery that has brought her to the many of the same revelations that make the DWD Protocol so powerful.

Dr. Song enhanced her expertise by studying at the California Stem Cell Treatment Center, the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Metabolic Medical Institute, and the Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine. She also studied to become a nutritional holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Dr. Song’s philosophy of health is centered around nutrition, functional medicine, and a preventative lifestyle. Her approach targets the root causes of diseases and symptoms, by combining multiple healing philosophies in order to treat the cause of the disease and not just suppress the symptoms.

Naturally, the DWD Protocol was an intuitive next step for Dr. Song. Her experience and expertise have brought many valuable insights to our work and our ongoing project of optimizing human health naturally. She has been an amazing addition to our team so far, and we expect to achieve great things with Dr. Song working to grow and develop this revolutionary system of natural health.