Rock Hill, South Carolina – July 6, 2020 – Vynleads, Inc. (the “Company” or “Vynleads”) (OTC: VYND), a health and wellness technology company dedicated to helping members thrive naturally and stay out of the emergency room, reports that its “Done with Diabetes” (DWD) Protocol can help people with type-2 diabetes improve their overall health.


“Our DWD Protocol is a step-by-step approach to help members change their daily nutritional intake and personal lifestyle behavior. Unlike traditional pharmaceutical medications that serve primarily as a mask to contain the disease, it helps by addressing foundational issues that are believed to contribute to type-2 diabetes,” said Alex Mannine, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Vynleads.


The DWD Protocol is based on work at London’s Newcastle University by Dr. Roy Taylor, who showed that the remission of type-2 diabetes is linked to a loss of liver fat. Testing showed that weight loss averaging approximately 33 pounds over eight weeks resulted in several significant positive changes to the body. Liver fat fell by 30%, while liver insulin sensitivity and fasting blood glucose levels also returned to normal. By the end of the eight-week period, pancreatic fat and pancreatic insulin secretion were also normal.


“We’ve witnessed first-hand just how destructive type-2 diabetes can be. We have also seen just how successful the DWD Protocol can be when our members follow the steps and how our targeted nutraceuticals can complement those efforts,” said Mannine. “Our information platform shows people exactly how they can begin to turn their lives around, and provide tips on everything from nutritional education to daily motivation. We believe that health is a choice that everyone has to make every day, so while it’s not a quick fix, the DWD Protocol presents ways for our members to make positive changes to their daily habits.”


New Research


Making lifestyle changes may decrease the risk of death or especially severe symptoms as research proves COVID-19 is devastating to people who have type-2 diabetes.


New studies on COVID-19 and type-2 diabetes reveal a clear connection between the condition and the outcome, and while diabetics are not at an increased risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms compared to the general population, they are more likely to experience severe consequences. 


In one study of intensive care patients, 22% of people who died had both COVID-19 and diabetes. In another study, published in the medical journal Diabetologia, 10% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with type-2 diabetes died within the first week of admission. Researchers have also found that 31.4% of all deaths in the UK occurred in people with type-2 diabetes. In their scientific paper, the authors said, “There were 23,804 COVID-19 related deaths. One third occurred in people with diabetes: 7,466 (31.4%) with type 2 and 365 (1.5%) with type 1 diabetes.”


A study conducted in the United States across 88 hospitals showed that the death rate for those with both diabetes and hyperglycemia (high levels of sugar in the blood) was 29% compared to 6% in patients who had neither condition.


Of COVID-19 patients who were not properly diagnosed but did develop hyperglycemia while in the hospital, 42% died. Glycemic control may also make the body more vulnerable to a secondary bacterial infection, as seen in patients who contracted COVID-19. 


“There are many people across the US who have type-2 diabetes and don’t even know it. According to the CDC, an estimated 7.3 million people are undiagnosed, which is a particularly frightening number when you consider that emergency room doctors need this information to develop the right treatment plans,” said Mannine. “By helping diabetics improve their physical wellbeing, our DWD Protocol is here to support people in living healthier lives in today’s current health climate and beyond.”


About Vynleads, Inc.


Vynleads, Inc. (OTC: VYND) is a health and wellness technology company dedicated to helping members thrive naturally and stay out of the emergency room. The Company is at the frontier of helping families manage, control and prevent type-2 diabetes and pre-diabetes naturally.


Vynleads’ flagship brand, “Done with Diabetes” (DWD), was introduced in 2016. Since its inception, DWD has acquired more than 28,000 paying members and generated more than USD$8M in gross revenues since its launch in March 2016. Vynleads plans to expand its Lifestyle Blueprint model, which powers DWD, across a range of verticals, with a focus on health and wellness support, and chronic illness management. Vynleads, Inc. is a fully reporting and audited company, with filings available on the SEC website.


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