Vynleads films two new specials to see inside the life of a T2 diabetic

The Vynleads production has created two high-quality story-driven ad spots named “Hero” and “Family,” for their DWD brand. The DWD Protocol is a detailed and complete guide to help people suffering from Type Two Diabetes, and their loved ones, to successfully change this health condition for the better. It is a natural approach to healthcare that can make side effect-ridden medications a thing of the past.

The purpose of these commercials is to showcase  the pains, challenges, and triumphs one goes through as a type-2 diabetic.

As branding products, the ads demonstrate best practices in branding methodology and tone, giving the audience a clear picture of the problem of metabolic disease and delivering a high-quality support in natural nutrition-based, lifestyle medicine.

The web commercials handle traditional medical roadblocks with a persuasive narrative that not only promotes the DWD brand but also advocates convincingly for the best interests of the audience.

The DWD team delivers the DWD message in a concise and trustworthy manner; that by designing a specialized, natural, and healthy diet, the researchers behind the DWD Protocol have found a way to safely and reliably manage their members Type-2 Diabetes.

Watch the DWD "Hero" short film here:

Watch the DWD "Family" short film here: