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You are unique, and your journey to a healthy life should be too. We create a path specially made for you, so you can enjoy the long-lasting results


We deliver natural blueprints to help real people, just like you. In an ocean of misinformation, we do all of the groundwork in order to give you the latest knowledge and resources. Each Lifestyle Blueprint, protocol, and natural supplements are developed by a team of experts, dieticians, and M. D.’s .


We challenge traditional thinking and take a natural view of what we can do differently with improved efficiency. Our people-first approach empowers you with the know-how and a system designed specifically to cultivate long-term, healthy habits.

T2 Diabetes

DWD is a Vynleads-powered lifestyle blueprint focused on type-2 diabetes prevention and management. DWD uses a powerful combination of key natural supplements with a moderate hypocaloric diet to help improve metabolic disturbances linked to impaired glucose tolerance, obesity, and insulin resistance.

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